How Relocation Deals Work

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We wanted to introduce a way to display special deals that our suppliers may have, for both car rental and campervans. A car rental supplier may have a vehicles they need moving from one location to another. In this instance, we will display any such deals through our Relocations page. It is important to remember that each deal and supplier may have different terms and conditions to consider. Please also consider the following - 

- Price will vary depending on the rates provided by each individual supplier.

- The number of days you can secure the relocation deal is limited. As they are relocation deals, the days to have the vehicle usually reflect the amount of days it would safely take to get from the original location to the new location. If you wish to hire the vehicle for additional days on top of the special rate days, this will incur extra daily rates that usually reflect the actual daily rate. Maximise your savings by only hiring within the days provided for the deal.

- There is a cancellation fee. When booking a rental car on our main website, we will not charge a cancellation fee. However, relocation deals will attract such fees.

- The relocation deals may not include insurance or petrol. Make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions.

- Relocation Deals book our really fast. Although we may display deals, they may have already been booked out. This is because there are a limited number of vehicles available for the relocation deals.

- Ensure you click 'Request it' button our main deals page.

If you can't find what you are looking for, you can join the Waiting LIst and you'll be notified as soon as there is something available.

To view current availability for all standard car rental rates feel free to visit our Main sites.


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